Test Drive Videos films and produces broadcast-quality video content which is delivered online using the latest technology. Our unique HTML newsletter delivery tool allows you to consistently deliver your video message to targeted viewers and track the results of viewership. Our veteran in-house graphic design team can build your newsletter to reflect your brand identity or create one from scratch.

One successful example of this tool is used by the Service Department of automotive dealers. Using their database of new car buyer email addresses, the dealer is able to consistently introduce their customers to the Service Department, satisfying their manufacturer's Customer Service Index - and growing the Fixed Operation business by significant numbers by sending out an email newsletter.

Another example could be sent by your Internet Sales Associate to be sent as a follow-up on leads. The email would have a brief "welcome" statement with a link to watch a personalized introduction video, which each sales associate would have produced.

These newsletter emails can be sent by you, or us on your behalf. You control the content, distribution and frequency of the emails and can track and report the email results including the number sent, received, opened as well as the click-through record of each viewer. If you prefer to manage the process on your own, we will show you how.

Your customer’s e-mail list is confidential and not resold or reused

To see detailed screen shots of the email tracking tool - click here.